Corn gluten feed

A co-product of the corn wet milling process, corn gluten feed is amedium-protein,medium-energy feed ingredient. In beef cattle, studies indicate that corn gluten feed contains 87% of the feed value of dry corn. Low in fat and starch but high in digestible fiber, it serves as a valuable ingredient in dairy rations and provides an excellent source of fiber for mature dogs and equine. Containing 70% of the energy value of corn in swine diets, corn gluten feed works effectively in gestating sow diets. It’s also used successfully in pullet, broiler-breeder, and layer diets.




The product specifications are as follows:

Corn Gluten Feed Pellet 

  • Protein: 19% Minimum
  • Fat: 2% Minimum
  • Fiber: 8% Maximum
  • Moisture: 2% Maximum



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