Otran participating in CAEXPO FAIR 2013

 In the series of promoting image and quality of OTRAN oil to international customers, soybean oil OTRAN has participated in China – ASEAN Fair 2013 in Nam Ninh, QuangTay, China.

With the purpose: “Develop co-operation – New opportunity, new motivation, new stage”, China – ASEAN Fair 2013 was opened in the morning  03/09/2013 with 4,600 stalls for exhibitions.

China – ASEAN Fair 2013 is plentiful and practical with series of activities for introducing great achievements of 10 years China – ASEAN strategic partnership. Among those, it is noticeable of exhibition of 10 years China – ASEAN strategic partnership, opening of ASEAN – Chinese ports network, opening of ASEAN – China Business Association and ASEAN – Chinese Youth Federation...

Soybean oil Otran and other vegetable oils of Vinacommodites has appeared in Chinese market and other ASEAN countries such as Mianmar, Laos, Cambodia since the beginning of 2013