VinaCommoditites participate in exporting cashewnut market in 2010, in 2012, VinaCommodities has honorably ranked at 14 in the TOP 20 biggest cashewnut exporters in Vietnam. In 15/04/2013, Ministry of Industry and Trade announced resignation number 2390/QD-BCT which approved and published the list “Reputed Exporter” in 2012-2013, that had admitted that VinaCommodities is a reputed exporter according to the selection criterias of the Ministry.

From 2004, Ministry of Industry and Trade has started the selection and publication of the “Reputed Exporter”. This is an annual activity of the Ministry in order to introduce, publish and promote imagines of exporting companies in Vietnam to international partners and organisations.

The Selection Criteria of Ministry of Industry and Trade includes:

-         Companies that exported directly without looses in 2 years: 2011, 2012

-         Have no breaches of Vietnamese and international regulations as well as other revised regulations on business activities.

-         Perform seriously exporting contracts to overseas partners

-         Perform fully duty to Government

-         Have total export in 2012 of cashewnut at minimum of 6 million dollars

-         VinaCommodities is an outstanding agriculture and food trading corporation in Asia – Pacific. With the operating strategy: Commit to delivery the best quality products at reasonable price and especially is always willing to supply the best services in order to satisfy partners and customers.

 Along with responsibilities and enthusiasm, VinaCommodities has asserted it’s position in International Market and contributed to promote, increase Vietnamese companies’ images to the rest of the world