Delong’s Customer Appreciation Party in Vietnam

On Nov 17 - 18, Mr. William Charles Delong (known as Mr. Bo) – Chairman of The Delong Co., Inc held the Vietnamese Customer Appreciation Party in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

For over 100 years, The DeLong Co., Inc. has been operated 15 locations in Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio and comprised five divisions of agricultural sales and service: agronomy, grain, seed, wholesale distribution and transportation. The DeLong Co., Inc. remains a family owned and managed organization that spans 6 generations of DeLong family members.

Vinacommodities is Delong’s largest and traditional partner, exclusive distributor of soybeans in Vietnam. The soybean exports of Vinacommodities have been stable and had a high growth rate over the past year.

In order to tighten the collaboration of each other as well as to send thanks to soybean customers in Vietnamese market, the Chairman of Delong had a visit to Vietnam and held the Customer Appreciation Party along with Vinacomodities Corporation. On Nov 17, the party for the South took place in Sofitel Saigon Plaza, Ho Chi Minh City and on Nov 18 the party for the North took place in Sofitel Hanoi Plaza, Hanoi with a total number of more than 100 companies and distributors of soybeans.

At the party, Delong introduced to Vinacommodities’s customer the new soybean product ‘Delco Gold’ 99.9% pure and the new technology ‘Roll Belt Cleaner’. This is the cleaning process that distinguishes Delco Gold from the rest because it removes corn, white mold, stems, weed seeds, shriveled soybeans and damaged soybeans that a regular rough cleaning process cannot. 

The Delong’s party is considered as recognition of the contribution of Vinacommodities of bringing the prestige as well as products of Delong to the Vietnamese market over the past year.