OTRAN Soybean Oil - International Brand

Among many food items, it is difficult for a new product to be welcome by customers. Therefore, manufacturers have to comply with stringent production process from selecting raw materials to processing, packing, storage and transportation, etc. when launching a new product. OTRAN vegetable oil is extracted 100% from soybeans, produced on modern closed technology lines from Italy and complies strictly with management system ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP. Since its appearance on the market, OTRAN is welcome and frequently used as an indispensable essential part of every family meal.

With the aim to bring OTRAN brand to International stature, Vinacommodities has applied advanced technologies and strict production process to create a product that meets international quality standards to provide for the domestic and world markets.

With international quality standards, OTRAN makes Vietnamese people’s dream come true – exporting cooking oil to overseas markets. On August 5th,2012, at Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, Mr.Tran Van Toan, Chairman of Vinacommodities Corporation signed an agreement on exclusive distribution of OTRAN soybean oil with commercial representatives from 6 countries including: the Republic of Korea, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Ghana. Attending the important signing ceremony are counselor of U.S. embassy in Vietnam, representatives of National Institute of Nutrition, Vietnam’s Administration for Food Hygiene and Safety  Department and representatives of the participating countries . In addition, there are lots of reporters, media and representatives of domestic business organizations. The signing ceremony attracts everyone because it is marked as the first step of exporting Vietnamese cooking oil to international markets.

 Chairman of Vinacommodities Corporation signed an agreement on exclusive distribution with representatives of 6 countries

Responding to reporters about the direction of exporting cooking oil in the future, Chairman of Vinacommodities said: “Vinacommodities Corporation will keep applying advanced technologies in production process of products with international quality. We will expand production to meet demands of exporting to bigger markets such as Europe and America."

Meanwhile, speaking about the reason why OTRAN is chosen for distribution in the country, a representative of the distributors said: "We choose the brand OTRAN soybean oil because this product fully meets the food hygiene and safety. OTRAN was extracted with good components from soybeans and removes all harmful components. In addition, with the modern infrastructure, we truly trust in the brand, and we believe that with the current quality, OTRAN is capable enough to conquer customers all over the world. "

 With the trust of customers and the expectation of bring Vienamese cooking oil to the world market, Vinacommodities determines to further research, apply and implement production systems in order to provide the markets edible oil products with the best quality, which meet customers’ expectations and affirm quality of Vietnam's edible oil to the world as the slogan.

"Firstly pressed – Richly nutritious".