VinaCommodities with  head quarters in Hanoi, Vietnam.  We are manufacturers, business services, engage in the bulk trading and distribution of high quality agriculture products. Over seeing 500 employees devoted, enthusiastic, creative and active in every province in Vietnam, Singapore and a number of offices around the world.

VinaCommodities focus on four key areas:
Food: Cooking oil, soynuts, cashewnuts, rice..
Animal feed: SoybeanMeal, Wheat, Corn ..
Logistics: Extraction port, Warehousing, ...

VinaCommodities committed to bringing high quality and stable products, reasonable prices and especially we always strive to provide the best service to satisfy our partners and customers.


Become a leading agricultural company in Vietnam and the Asia Pacific region by providing our customers with quality products, high value with superior service, flexible financing solutions based on core competencies, the ability to connect and build relationships with strategic partners and suppliers worldwide. Strive to ensure continuous and strategic improvement of customer services and remain quality leader amongst all commodity futures exchanges. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer.

3.    VALUES

The values​​ as a guide, as the model for all our actions and is the foundation to build he organization and its people of VinaCommodities.

Innovation: We are constantly looking for solution superior; to better serve the growing need so customer’s indifferent markets.

Focus: We focus on the core competencies and the ability to create competitive advantage better than competitors, to strive for the implementation of the vision and mission of the company.

Quick response: the quick and timely respond set other changes, continuous change and complexity of agricultural markets is to help maintain peace of mind and gives confidence to customers and shareholders.

Think Globally, Act Locally: help us create the links with strategic partners and suppliers globally to meet the different needs of each local market in which wear engaged.

Integrity: is all important in build in organizations and people of Vinacommodities. Ethical behavior and standards according to the principles, international standards for customers, suppliers, strategic partners and shareholders.

4.    BRAND

With trust and reputation have been increasingly high in the community from customers, strategic partners, suppliers to the bank, its shareholders and the government. VinaCommodities aware that maintaining and sustaining brand, a strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. Our brand is the source of a promise to our customer. It’s a foundational piece in our marketing communication.




Therefore, in parallel with the construction of infrastructure Vinacommodities focus on product quality management stage, the factory of Vinacommodities addition to standard safety facilities managed by the Ministry of Healthal so by stringentI SO9001:2008, HACCP systemandISO22000: 2005, HACCP. The Vinacommodities products meet international quality standards, including difficult markets suchas: German, Americansetc.


The success of VinaCommodities in recent years is the ability to quickly grasp and meet the needs of customers for each regional and local market, combined with flexible financing solutions and system servicesclosed has brought confidence in customers.
However, the above solutions are not only made ​​by us but also the combination and the great support from our partners, the global supplier. They worked with us to create a vital link in the service market.


7.      HUMAN


VinaCommodities build a collective combination of creativity and enthusiasm with people experienced in associable environment, rich, multi-cultural

8.      MARKET

VinaCommodities provide more than 30 countries from Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe.


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• Member of the Singapore business
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